The Flydogs Hungary Team

The story of the Hungarian Disc Dog sport started in 2001. In that year arrived to us some young disc dogs (Australian Kelpies) and some real competition discs from Florida We presented them and their knowledge on dog shows and other presentations, but we didn't know much about the disc dog competitions around the world.

It changed totally in 2007, when Peter Bloeme arrived to Hungary for a clinic, and showed us basics of the sport, told about competition rules. This was beginning of our connection with Skyhoundz. From that time Hungarian disc dogger's improvement was real amazing: we organised disc dog competitons with 20-30 competitors, and travelled abroad to learn more by clinics and international competitions. At the end of the year we found Flydogs Hungary Team.

In 2008 we turned to maximum speed: in February there was our first international competition in Abony. That was the Euroflite cup with more than 50 teams from four countries. At the end of June there was a World Championship Qualifier in Budapest.

2009. After Skyhoundz's successes in the US it is the right time to organise a real big competiton also in Europe. It is a big honor to get a chance from Skyhoundz that their first Skyhoundz European Championship could be here in Budapest.

2010. We organize Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Championship Qualifier too, and Kathy Miller Memorial, and some other contests...

2011. very busy period: 3th Hyperflite Skyhoundz European Championship and World Championship Qualifier with Chuck Middleton and Mark Jennings, AWI Qualifier with Matt DiAno and Julia Zimmermann, Kathy Miller and Ruckus Challenge with Mark Miller and Sven van Driessche, and (!) THE QUADRUPED with Jeff Hoot, and some local contests, and demos.

2012................. :)


We can promise that we use to every time before a competition: we will do all our best for your comfort and fun.


Budapest is waiting for you!

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